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PhD Candidate

Pinsky Lab @ Rutgers Universiy

Sep 2017 – Present New Jersey
I am a graduate student in the Ecology and Evolution Graduate Program in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. I conduct research in the Pinsky Lab in relation to the response of marine fish and invertebrates to environmental stressors, and how both inter- and intra- species trait variability acts as a filter to environmental stressors. Additionally, I serve as President of the Ecology and Evolution Graduate Student Association, and as a supervisor and mentor to undergraduate students working in the lab.

Biology and Fisheries Technology Project Coordinator

University of Alaska Southeast

Sep 2015 – Aug 2017 Alaska
I wore many hats during my time with UA, as one does in a rural island in Alaska. These included fisheries curriculum development, scientific diving, field surveys for invasive species, and serving as a liason among faculty, consultants, and contractors for a number of collaborative projects.

Senior Thesis

Staver Lab

Aug 2014 – May 2015 Connecticut
I completed by senior thesis (BS 2015) on drivers of savanna forest boundaries in Southern Africa with the Staver Lab.


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